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2012.01.02 聊天室紀錄 ESIFC Chat Transcript

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2012 1:56 am    Post subject: 2012.01.02 聊天室紀錄 ESIFC Chat Transcript Reply with quote

謝謝Eric 在北京忙碌拍劇中都抽空進來ESIFC 聊天室跟我們交流, 順道在此祝Eric 生日快樂, 身體健康及一切順利!

以下是今晚聊天室的紀錄, 明天晚上(1月3日) 晚上10時正ESIFC 聊天室會繼續開放呢!

* Eric (~eric_suen@ has joined #EricSuen
<@_2von> HIHI~~ Eric!!
<@Vincci> hey!
* Vincci sets mode: +o Eric
<@Carrie> ~
<@Carrie> hello~
<@Eric> test
<@_2von> yup yup, can read it
<@Eric> Im using my mac
<@Vincci> 你看到中文嘛?
<NenNenHK> hello!
<@Eric> 中文没问题
<NenNenHK> cool!
<@Eric> this irc is actually much easier than mirc
* @_2von (yvonne@123202219113.ctinets.com) Quit
<@Eric> its called limechat
<NenNenHK> limechat for Mac only?
<@Eric> 是的
<@Eric> very user freindly

<NenNenHK> mac is always user friendly
* _2von (yvonne@123202219113.ctinets.com) has joined #EricSuen
<@Vincci> it would be great if there is windows version.. haha
<NenNenHK> how long will you stay here?
* Vincci sets mode: +o _2von
<NenNenHK> use only once a year
<@Eric> some fans came to beijing to see me just now
<NenNenHK> I know! Janice!
<NenNenHK> are you happy? feeling warm?
<NenNenHK> I suppose to join them >_<
<NenNenHK> How come only me asking questions here???
<@_2von> 咁就好了, 在拍劇期間也可以有個小小的慶生會
<@Vincci> 拍劇進度如何呀
<@Eric> i told them i couldnt join this chat room... as i thought mac doesnt support irc
<@_2von> oh... ic....
<NenNenHK> we will let them know you are here now
<@Eric> but after i googled it, mac actually got some irc softwares
<@_2von> 已在微博跟大家說了一聲, 如果你有時間就在這裡多待一會兒, 大家知道後應該都會嘗試上來
<@Eric> ok let me go to weibo
<NenNenHK> please stay here longer
<@_2von> thanks thanks
<@Vincci> cool, thanks
<@Eric> i dont see your post on weibo...
<@_2von> um..... just tried to post it again....
<@Vincci> yes me neither...
<@_2von> oh... >< how come...
<@Vincci> 你係咪又寫左d 唔應該寫既字.. XDDDDD
<@Elaine> O OH~~ ERIC?!
<@Carrie> weibo 未見喎~
<NenNenHK> I just forward the post
<NenNenHK> when will you back to HK, Eric?
<@_2von> 唉... 微博真是一樣很難服侍的東西....
<@Vincci> can't agree with you more!
<NenNenHK> When will we see you again?
<@_2von> OH... Nen.. can't see your post neither...
<NenNenHK> what?
<NenNenHK> my name has changed to NenNenHK_祝孫耀威生日快楽 in weibo
<@Vincci> yes, cant see your post neither nennen
<NenNenHK> :<
<@_2von> 那明天還要拍劇嗎? 可以放假一天嗎?
<@Eric> 明天一大早開工
<@_2von> oh... so poor...
<NenNenHK> Should have fans visit, no worries
* TAKU (TAKU@111-240-138-128.dynamic.hinet.net) has joined #EricSuen
* TAKU (TAKU@111-240-138-128.dynamic.hinet.net) Quit
<@_2von> 拍攝進度如何?
<@Eric> 很慢
<NenNenHK> oh no...
<NenNenHK> 意見不合?
<NenNenHK> 身體好嗎?
<@Eric> 劇本沒寫完
<@_2von> 加油吧!!
<NenNenHK> surprised!
<@Elaine> 在微博見到NENITA 同 VINCCI 的評論了
<NenNenHK> :>
<@_2von> yup yup... 在手機看到... 但我在電腦就看不到... orz....
<NenNenHK> we miss you, Eric
<@Vincci> 因為你係手機post?
<@_2von> nope, 電腦POST
<NenNenHK> no, I post from web
<@_2von> I mean I can read your post from iphone app, but not on my desktop...
<@Vincci> i can't even read my post in my iphone app..
<NenNenHK> Are you tired, Eric?
<@Eric> miss u guys too.... miss hk too....
<NenNenHK> Still watching NBA every night?
<@Eric> no time to watch
<@_2von> 點解咁慘? 日日都要趕拍劇?
<NenNenHK> that busy? usually more time for 'waiting' when shooting?
<NenNenHK> 身體好嗎?
<@Eric> asthma still...
<NenNenHK> have enough medicine?
<@Eric> still taking a lot of medicine
<NenNenHK> geee...
<NenNenHK> no alchol then!
<@Eric> im gonna keep this chat window open for a while but i might fall asleep anytime soon....
<@_2von> 要保重, 北京天氣比較冷
<NenNenHK> oh...
<@Eric> very sleepy
<@Elaine> 藥力發作
<NenNenHK> at least wait until pass midnight la
<NenNenHK> 30 mins to go...
<@_2von> no problem... you should take some more rest.... just try to join us whenever you could
<@Vincci> yes, really take more rest
<NenNenHK> you'd better sleep properly instead of just fall asleep like this
<@_2von> 那農曆年有機會回港過嗎?
<@Eric> no....
<@Eric> Sad

<@_2von> 吓.....
<@_2von> even a few days???
<NenNenHK> we can come to visit you instead then
<NenNenHK> bring you some HK stuff
<NenNenHK> to cure your homesick
<@Eric> im alright la... used to this kinda life style
<@_2von> 空中飛人的生活
<NenNenHK> you should concentrate on your music area...
<NenNenHK> first... step by step
<NenNenHK> just my opinion
<@_2von> 用創作來填補你在北京的空虛吧... XPPP
<@Vincci> 等你新作.. haha
* II (II@60-251-35-193.HINET-IP.hinet.net) has joined #EricSuen
* Vincci sets mode: +o II
<NenNenHK> welcome II
<@Vincci> 哥哥
<@_2von> Cindy~~ here u go!!
<@Eric> ok good nite guys
<@II> I finally get in
<NenNenHK> I know Vicki is coming
<@II> Happy Birthday Eric@
<@_2von> oh... okay... good night Eric... hope that u can join us tmr
<@Vincci> good night Eric, add oil and take rest!
<NenNenHK> Happy Birthday Eric, sleep tight
<@_2von> and Happy Birthday and have a great one!!!
<@Elaine> Happy birthday!
<@Carrie> Happy Birthday!
<NenNenHK> Happy Birthday! Eric! Our dearest!
<@Eric> love u all
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