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應采兒生仔鏡頭夠核突 (相關新聞)

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 30, 2005 11:42 pm    Post subject: 應采兒生仔鏡頭夠核突 (相關新聞) Reply with quote

30/12/2005 05:58 PM



又有記者問會否考慮借種生BB?她覺得這樣生BB是恐怖事!有人笑她可以找緋聞男友孫耀威代勞? 采兒只是大笑,期後才說孫耀威都值八分。 在片中有一幕是她在產房自然分娩戲,采兒坦言拍攝時都幾尷尬,因為攝影機是從下面角度去拍攝BB出世鏡頭,可憐這兩個半月大的BB被塗滿全身人造血漿,想起都覺得核突。

30/12/2005 05:58 PM
Source: Metro Broadcast Corp Ltd - Copyright 2005


Ying Cai Er plays the role of a mother in her new movie titled “BB Plan”. Lian Kai acts as her husband and they have a baby. The filming started four days ago and she has been crying throughout this period since her baby in the film is missing. She has no problem to act with babies. On the other hand, she feels that they are very lovely. Then we talked about the question of having babies. Ying Cai Er said that when she first joined the showbiz, she had set a target for herself, ie. getting married at the age of 27 or 28 and then have babies. She is now 23 years old and there are still a few more years to go before she will get married. She smiled and said, “The father of my baby must be a handsome guy and must be well educated. She scores 8 points by self appraisal.. Her husband has to score more points. In fact, it is better for him to score full marks. Ying Cai Er does not feel that she herself is a pretty girl but she believes she has a “prettier” character.

The reporters asked Ying Cai Er if she would consider artificial conception. Ying feels that it is a terrible thing. Someone teased her that she can ask for the help of Eric, her boyfriend in the gossip. Ying burst out laughing. Afterwards she said that Eric is also worth 8 points. In the said movie, there is a scene wherein she is having natural delivery. Ying said frankly that it was quite embarrassing to shoot this scene because the camera shoots this shot from the angle below. The poor 2 and a half months’old baby is painted all over by artificial blood plasma. She still feels that it is awful when she recalls this scene now.
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